Filling Lines

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Filling Lines

  • We offer comprehensive services from design to assembly of the bottling lines. The designing process and implementation of the machines finalized by the launch of the line succeeds in meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients.
  • Our plant in Poland was founded in 1978. Today our Polish company is a well established and well financed company with over 25 years of experience designing and implementing new technologies for the food industry.
  • Operations Core operations include the designing and manufacturing of machines and auxiliary equipment for producing, bottling and packing all kinds of beverages and other liquids.... water, carbonated drinks, beer , milk under aseptic conditions, carrot juice , edible oil, vinegar We manufacture single machines and entire production lines ; We offer complete design services , analysis of clients needs and Turn-Key installation.
  • Manufacturing Plant The company facilities include a manufacturing plant with a floor space of 3000 square meters.
  • We currently employ 40 engineers and technicians working on the preparation and design of machines for customers worldwide.
  • The company has a design office equipped with technologically advanced software that guarantees high quality of the manufactured products and allows continuous control over the realized projects.
  • The technologies employed for the manufacturing process include: laser treatment and processing with the use of MAZAK and DMG machines.
  • The range of our production is illustrated in the following videos"

Filling Lines

Carbonated Water Line, with isoberic fillers

  • Triblock 40/40/10. Complete carbonated filling line for glass bottles.
  • Supplied with complete carbonating system.
  • We supply such systems for either glass or PET bottles.

Hot Filling Line

  • High-speed hot-fill line;
  • comprising rinsing-filling -capping of pet bottles,
  • with shrink-sleeve labeler and high-speed bundler.
  • We supply complete turn-key operation for hot-fill, including stretch-blowmolder and Filling line.

Ice Tea, Juices Line

  • Rotary 24/48/8 Rinser/Filler/capper ; filling iced tea in PET bottles.
  • We provide , as well as the filling-lines, complete preparation lines ;
  • syrup preparation for carbonated drinks;
  • preparation and pasteurisation system for fruit juices , made using concentrates.
  • For 'Ice Tea' and similar beverages.
  • We also supply auxiliary equipment for product preparation : plate and tunnel pasteurization units, and sterilization units,

Linear solution

  • Simple 'in-line' 5/1 Filler/capper, filling 5 Liter bottles with water.
  • Many versions are available ;
  • for water for edible oils , for agricultural chemical, etc
  • We offer such simple lines with inexpensive labellers and Shrink-wrappers;

Oil line, with volumetric filler

  • Automatic Filling , capping , labeling of Sunflower oil
  • System Line includes carton packing ; and automatic palletizing of cartons.

Still Water Line

  • 20/40/8 gravity fed Rinser /Filler/ capper , processing still water

Vinegar Line

  • 9/3 Rotary Volume Filler with capper. and labeling line.

5l capacity bottles bottling line

  • 5 Liter capacity
  • Rotary Gravity Filler ( Rinser+Filler+Capper ) with labeller for gallon and 5 Liter bottles.
  • We also offer stretch blow molder to produce bottles including sizes of 1 gallon, 5 liters 8 Liters and 10 liters

5 gallon (18,9 l) bottles machines

  • 19 L
  • Washer, Rinser, Filler , Capper and cap-sealer for 19Liter jars (5 gallons)
  • Entire construction including piping is in AISI 304 steel
  • We offer systems for 19L made both in USA and in Europe.

Milk - Arrow clean series machines

  • The "Arrow Clean" range of machines is designed for electronic-controlled filling of GLASS, HDPE or PET bottles for products with short-term expiry dates….. short shelf life;
  • Our systems of sterilization of bottles and caps guarantee maximum reductions of bacteria contact.